Winnipeg Sargent Park 010 School Canada Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Youtube

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Disturbing news from Sargent Park School in Winnipeg is that some children in a class of 010 were seen having fun. Many people are looking for the viral Sargent Park School 010 video of these kids. Let us explain this controversy in great detail.

What happened at Sergeant Park School in Canada 010?

It is learned that something disturbing happened at Sarant Park School College in Winnipeg, Canada. There has been no official comment from the authorities yet. But, many students on social media started spreading the news from the school that 3 kids were seen in class 010. The staff saw them and thought that strict action should be taken against them.

Winnipeg Sargent Park 010 School Canada Video Viral On Social Media

There is no video that many students are trying to find on the internet. In fact, this news is yet to be confirmed by the school authority. Some users on social media told us that it wasn’t a video, it was a CP.

According to some students on social media, these incidents took place in the college but the school authorities did not clarify anything about it.