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You might be wondering who we are talking about when we mention Harun Tusenmacher and Harun Olivia, but we are here to tell you about some of the Twitter videos that are going viral on the social networking site. Harun was the founder of the Independent Somali Media, which was reportedly authorized by the government in 1991, and he has over 30 years of journalism experience.

He became VOA’s longest-serving editor since joining the organization in July 2008. Previously he also worked with a number of other correspondent-associated presses where he did an excellent job. and has always inspired people. Currently, Harun works there and launches controversial programs for the Somali channel VOA.

Who are Harun Tusenmacher and Harun Olivia?

In addition to journalism, he is also interested in reporting and series, and he has influenced many personalities. He has a wonderful talent for work in his profession, and he is a dedicated person. He was inspired by the political changes in the Somali administration, he is an inspiration to many people and he is a wonderful human being.