Who Are Ayla Malik Nawab? Audio Clip Goes Viral On Twitter, YouTube, & Reddit

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An alleged audio clip of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and other politicians has quickly gone viral on social media. This brought Imran Khan back into the news. On a reporter’s YouTube channel, this audio clip was heard, and the video quickly garnered a substantial following. Within minutes, this audio sparked a global, Pakistan-specific online outcry.

The audio clip shows a private conversation between two people, one of whom was initially identified as Imran Khan, a former prime minister, and the other, who was later identified. Stay tuned as we discuss this audio clip and the conversation in more detail.

Audio clip of Ayla Malik Nawab and Imran Khan

An audio clip of a conversation between two people having a private conversation was uploaded to a reporter’s YouTube channel. While the voice is audible, it sounds like former Pakistani minister Imran Khan.

Imran Khan was mocked and criticized for his personality as soon as the audio was uploaded. Although the two seemed to have a bond and had conversations together earlier, it’s possible they also had a private moment or a hint of something earlier. Millions of people listened to this audio on YouTube, and many of them used it to spread hate.

Conversation between Ayla Malik Nawab and Imran Khan

PTU member and politician Ayla Malik was on the other end of the audio call, and the two were later discovered to be conversing privately on a cell phone. Massive public interest was generated by this audio, which quickly went viral. The audio clip contains some hints of a conversation, with the man saying he can’t visit her because he’s currently busy and also has a set schedule.

Ayla Malik Nawab and Imran Khan Viral Audio

Another PT party member being made fun of is Ayla Malik. The PTI party addressed this issue and claimed that someone in the opposition realized this and created this audio in order to denigrate their leader.

On the other hand, it’s obvious that people are laughing at Khan for the audio clip and are already upset. Azhar Mashwani, the head of PTI, added that the problem still exists and the audio clip is being used to denigrate their leader. The audio call is fake, says PTI member Arslan Khalid; However, the identity of the author of this fake has not yet been revealed.