What is ‘My Ancestors’ trend? TikTokers ‘talk’ to their ancestors in bizarre viral videos

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The “My Ancestors Trend,” a recent TikTok craze, is making headlines. Under the trend, users speak with their fictitious ancestors right away if they haven’t already. The most recent craze illustrates the similarities and differences between modern life and the past.



A pitched-up edit of Ryn Weaver’s ‘Pierre,’ which has been used in over 29,000 videos, serves as the music for the new TikTok trend.


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What is all the buzz about?

In these new viral trending videos, the creators dress up as their ancestors and have fictitious talks with them through the captions about how their lives have and haven’t changed over time.



In a few of these videos, the creators connect deeply with their traditionalism and culture. Many of the videos are made by members of historically marginalized populations speaking to their ancestors about the progress made and not made, reported Mashable India.

Creators embrace their culture and customs

In one video, a user has a conversation about hair sticks with a Chinese woman 1,200 years ago. Another one feels a connection to her grandmother since she painted her nails with henna.


To demonstrate how we are connected to one another and how we may have shared a meal with Paleolithic people 90,000 years ago, a TikToker was motivated to upload a video of them collecting crabs.


Here’s what twitter has to say

As the trend gets viral, here’s how Twitter users reacted to it. That whole “my ancestors” trend on TikTok is bizarre bc yt ppl acting like their ancestors would be susrprised at the most mundane things, like no baby ur ancestors burning in hell are surprised that Black ppl can exist as anything beyond ur punching bags,” wrote one use. Another wrote, “I can hear the ghosts of my ancestors screaming in horror.”