Wednesday’s Viral Dance Stage Song Selection Announced By Music Supervisors

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Music supervisors of Netflix’s hit movie Wednesday The series explained how the song played in Jenna Ortega’s famous dance sequence fits her character perfectly. according to the characters The Addams Family, Wednesday It highlights Ortega as Addams’ eldest child. He investigates a series of mysterious deaths while enrolling at Nevermore Academy, his family’s former graduate. When the series premiered on Netflix late last month, it quickly gained a loyal fan base. It even broke the Netflix viewing records that the critically acclaimed series previously held. stranger things.

During the fourth episode of season 1, “Woe What a Night”, Ortega’s offbeat character performs an eccentric dance routine set in a 1981 alt-rock cover of The Cramps’ 1962 song “Goo Goo Muck”. Clips of Ortega’s dance sequence and fan replays of the bizarre choreography quickly went viral on social media following the show’s debut, turning the scene into one of the most iconic moments of the entire season. Most recently, music supervisors Jen Malone and Nicole Weisberg, Variation about the sequencing and the logic behind the final song selections. Claiming that The Cramps fits Wednesday’s character perfectly, Malone said the band’s “Headspace like Siouxsie and Joy DivisionCheck out their full reviews below:

When we read that episode, we knew it was a school dance with lots of music and Jenna was working on her choreography. We had a big Spotify playlist and Cramps was always on the list. We also sang Cramps’ “Human Fly” for the team, then jumped to “Goo Goo Muck.” Cramps are perfect for Wednesday. They’re in his head like Siouxsie and Joy Division. I’m an old Goth. Working with the music I love, finding the right moment – the piece had to be fun, out of the ordinary and fit the personality of Wednesday. For the team to come back with “Goo Goo Muck”? Completed.

Why Wednesday’s Dance Series Has Become a Viral Favorite

Ortega’s turn as Wednesday Addams quickly gained him a fan base, many of whom are eagerly awaiting news of a potential season 2 announcement. From her perfect expressionless presentation to her ability to avoid blinking in character, Scream The actress proved that her famous time successor in the role of Christina Ricci is exceedingly valuable. For many fans, it was not only his performance in the unorthodox dance sequence that sealed their love for him, but also the news of his direct involvement in the choreography of the routine itself.

Acknowledging that he was inspired by dances in Goth clubs in the 1980s, Ortega fashioned an impressive and often inappropriate series of dance moves that fit perfectly with the character’s eccentricities. Wednesday’s enthusiasm as he throws himself into his unconventional performance perfectly demonstrates his character’s extraordinary belief in his unique worldview and total disregard for the more oppressive social norms that both guide and limit his peers. Wednesday’s dance has become so iconic not only because of its highly idiosyncratic nature, but also because of the sheer sense of freedom and self-confidence it embodies.

As fans and celebrities (like Kim Kardashian) use social media in droves to mimic Ortega’s moves, the dance sequence Wednesday Season 1 has firmly established itself in the annals of popular culture history. It’s still unclear if the series has the potential to deliver an equally iconic moment in season two, as Netflix has yet to officially confirm whether Ortega’s Wednesday Addams will be returning for more adventures at Nevermore Academy. Meanwhile, fans can relive all their favorites Wednesday Season 1 moments, including Rave’N Dance, where they keep their fingers crossed for a potential renewal announcement.

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