Updated Link Alisha Khadgi Viral on Twitter & Reddit

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Citizens online want to know about Alisha Khadgi. She became an instant internet sensation with a recent viral video. He is an aspiring content creator and YouTuber who has recently been seen with a male identity. He has been involved in some controversial situations and this video is available in online communities. The news at the time was that she had been arrested after numerous complaints were filed against her.

She didn’t follow the rules and that was about 2 weeks ago. She rode her bike with some friends, and now she’s pictured with one of those individuals in an exclusive video. Most of them were having fun on the spot and she had no idea she was being taped.

Updated Link Alisha Khadgi Viral on Twitter & Reddit

She has not resolved the situation and is still active and offline on her social media accounts. We don’t really have much information about her but she is currently living in Nepal and after breaking some traffic rules the video got viral on the internet.

There is no information available about her relationship status and family details as she is still young and not complete yet. But searches for “alisha khargi kanda viral video” continue to rise, making it more popular than ever. She is definitely very pretty in some photos and loves to travel and have adventures with her friends. Nepal is full of beautiful places and they always try to experience the beauty of nature.