The Sims 4 Leak Reveals New Underwear On The Way

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A new leak for The Sims 4 shows that a new paid DLC underwear kit for the popular life simulator is on the way.

As noted by GameReactor, the link appears to have come from publisher Electronic Arts’ EA App after a Reddit user whose post has since been deleted noticed the wrong image featuring both masculine and feminine Sims in new underwear styles posted under it. The title of the already existing Modern Men’s Clothing Kit. Maxis mentioned in its latest roadmap for The Sims 4 that some additional DLC packs are on the way, and according to reports, the Simtimates Collection will be one of those additions.

In addition to casually browsing the Sims’ outerwear, EA recently announced some changes it plans to make to the game, providing more than 1.4 billion hours of gameplay last year, according to the publisher. The latest laundry list shows several changes EA plans to make to the game older than eight years in the near future, based on concerns from the player community.

At the top of the list is a bug that causes all the toddler Sims produced in the game to look very similar to each other after they’ve grown old from babies. The Sims 4 uses a system that will cause a child born during the game or created in sim mode to inherit certain genetic and cosmetic characteristics of their parents, but EA has received complaints that this feature is not available. works, and all toddlers look alike in some games, regardless of their genetics.

Laundry List also details 17 other fixes coming from the pipeline for the game. A bug that seems to take away Sims’ wishes and fears, allowing them to freeze to death in the summer, not use public restrooms, and move around even when the game is paused, is noteworthy.

While EA has taken a look at the next game in the The Sims series, it continues to release purchasable DLC for The Sims 4 on a consistent basis. The base game has been free-to-play on PC since mid-October, making DLC ​​packs a way for EA and Maxis to continue to profit from the aging game.