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Rida is a child of 1992. Karachi was her hometown. Rida loved her career and became one of the most loved actresses in Pakistan. He attended Beacon House School and graduated at the age of 15. Rida studied law at SM Law College, Karachi. Later, she acted in many commercials and eventually landed in TV serials, known as dramas in Pakistan, where she appeared.

Rida Isfahani Video Viral On Social Media

Rida has an unmarried brother and sister. Rida started her career at the age of 16 by modeling and appearing in TV commercials and brand deals. Rida later gained attention with the hit drama Road. Asif Raza wrote and acted in Road, which also starred Mir Shagufta Ejaz and Faisal Qureshi.

She has 370k Instagram followers and posts about her life. He has 86 posts and has great taste in posting and page design. Apart from her acting career, Rida is paid for brand deals and advertisements on Instagram.

Watch Rida Isfahani Video On Twitter, Reddit And YouTube

A year after Rogue, Radha starred opposite Kamran Jilani in Mohabbate Humsafar. Rubina Ashraf, Faiq Khan, and Suzanne Fatima also starred. Ayesha Khan, Badr Khan, Esha Noor, and Dahals were her other plays. Rida has a huge following on Instagram and other social media sites.

The drama was adapted from a popular Urdu novel and aired on ARY Digital in 2014. The story was about an abused child. Radha appeared in dramas and commercials. Middle Class, Maghrib Ki Isha, Zindagi Teri Bina, Atare Ga Ni Ab Koi Khizr, We Are Family, Meri Saheili Meri Bhabhi, Jatan, Mohabbate Humsafar Meri, Mazhar Piya Rang Laga, Murad Mai, etc.