Rajkumar Thapa girlfriend, Alisha Khadgi Kanda video viral on Social Media

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Influencers and YouTubers share a lot of content online. Despite the fact that there are many content creators online, only one of them becomes famous because it captures the interest of the audience. In the same way, many people go viral because of the negative spotlight or perhaps because of the unfavorable attention they received. 

Alisha Khadgi Kanda Video With Rajkumar Thapa

Those who get a lot of public attention due to negative content are because of her online content, Alisha Khadgi gets a lot of public attention. Keep reading till the end as we cover the details of this online controversy. In addition to its own content creator, others are also becoming popular online. Due to a recent controversy, Alisha is extremely popular on the internet.

Rajkumar Thapa girlfriend’s video viral on Social Media

Her recent bike ride went well, but later a video of her was uploaded and a complaint was filed against her. Although the video was not an issue earlier, it started to receive criticism and support from different viewers later.