PS Plus Leak Reveals Battlefront 2’s Most Bizarre Version Is Coming

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A leak of upcoming games for PS Plus has revealed this. Star Wars: Battlefront II joins the service’s game library, it may not be the release fans have been waiting for. published by EA Facade II It is the latest version released in 2017 as a sequel to the original. front reboot, the series dates back to the Playstation 2 era and has also appeared on Xbox, DS, and PC platforms.

as reported by VGCPS Plus Classics library will apparently get a surprising iteration original Facade II – PSP version. While the 2005 version of the game continues to attract fans, including a fan-made remastering mode for the original facade 2It may come as no surprise that the game is planned for PS Plus, as a temporarily active PlayStation Store page suggests. However, the page, which has since been taken down, specifically listed the game as the portable version and “Originally released on PSP.” Specifically, also on the page “compose up, rewind, fast save and custom video filters

PlayStation Store Leaks for PSP Version of Battlefront II for PS Plus

while original Facade II remains a classic fan favourite, republishing the PSP version might be an unpopular decision. Compared to the original game’s version on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, the portable version received slightly less positive reviews and is also the only version of the game that doesn’t include the Rise of the Empire campaign, opting instead for three single-player modes. . . In addition, due to the fact that the original broadcasts still have enough audience Facade II It is not yet clear whether the PS Plus version of the game will receive attention, to receive an update years later.

When deciding to release the PSP version Facade II sounds strange, there may be a reason; The PSP version of the game has significant differences from the PC and console versions. While the game is still playable on platforms like Steam, bringing the PSP version to PS Plus Classic could be a way to bring back the only version currently inaccessible to modern audiences. Additionally, since the modern reboot released by EA is still available, the decision may serve to further differentiate the classic version.

Despite the leak, no official statement has yet been made. facade 3 From EA apparently not in development, it looks like the right time for the series to get some attention. While the PSP version may seem like an odd choice, there may be some fans who want to try an alternate version of the classic game. Whatever the case, more details on PS Plus’s December offerings potentially include: Star Wars: Battlefront IIprobably will be released soon.

Source: VGC