Prey Playable Prototype From 1995 Leaked Online

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It looks like the season of leaks is going well, as yet another old prototype has found its way online, and this time an early build of Prey from 1995, nearly 11 years before its final release on Xbox 360 and PC in 2006. . .

Prey went through a long development cycle due to his ambitious goals of implementing real-time portals that would later bite the developer in the back and outdo the project. However, he was eventually released and received a fair reception. A sequel was planned and in active development, but after IP was acquired by Bethesda’s parent company, Zenimax Media, the sequel was eventually canceled and Prey IP was rebooted with Arkane Studios’ 2017 release of the same name.

Fans of the original game can go back to when the game went through the early stages of prototyping, thanks to a leak of a very early build of the game. Moreover, this leak can be downloaded and played by anyone interested. Since the software is so old it won’t be able to perform natively on a modern PC so it will take some time to get it to work, but with the use of DOSbox and some useful info on (thanks, Redditors!) where the prototype is loaded, it’s pretty simple to run the Prey 1995 demo should be.

This is just a demo, beware, and its scope is pretty limited. Still, it’s an interesting leak, and for fans of the original Prey and those who can remember the first buzz about the game in the ’90s, it’s probably worth a bit of tinkering.

We also uploaded the Rayman 4 leak, which Ubisoft canceled, on the internet. As we reported yesterday, Rayman 4 and its source code and editing tools have been released online, giving fans the opportunity to get a glimpse of what might have happened had Phoenix Studio been allowed to move forward with its vision of the hero with a floating limb. What will leak next? I hope it’s not our pipes.