Portugal Footballer Gonçalo Ramos Intimate Video Controversy Trending on Twitter

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Controversy over the player Gonçalo Ramos after a video that has become popular on social networks. Link Full On December 7, Wednesday evening, Gonzalo Ramos, the Benfica player currently speaking to the public, was involved in an important conversation.

Gonçalo Ramos Intimate Video Trending on Twitter

A Pipoca Mice Doce, also known as Ana Garca Martins, commented on the issue on Instagram, writing, “People who share foreign cozy recordings: they are terrible assholes.”

Gonçalo Ramos shone at the World Cup in Qatar and scored three goals for the home crowd, but Joana Albuquerque, a former member of the More Established clan, lamented that after qualifying a controversy emerged in the match (against Switzerland).