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After her compromising photos and videos were posted online in November 2019, former Lollywood pop singer, songwriter, and TV host Rabi Pirzada decided to quit the entertainment business.

Rabi remained at the center of various issues and scandals during her decade-long career. She recently opened up about her 2019 video scandal during an appearance on Nadir Ali’s podcast.

She began her response when Ali inquired about the incident, “I had been a rebellious person since childhood.”

Viral video of pop singer Rabi Pirzada

Without specifying how his family’s involvement in the incident led to the scandal, Rabi Pirzada simply said, “The scandal happened because of my family.”

She lamented how others reacted to it, calling it a tragedy. I was horrified by the remarks and actions of others, as well as those who passed on my films.

She recalled that Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain was found dead at his home days after his home videos were posted online and his death was caused by public outcry.