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When I was three, I started gymnastics because I wanted a sparkly pink jumpsuit. But I had no idea of ​​the incredible future that awaited me. I was invited to my ENA club when I was five for a trial with the reserves. I was well aware of my passion for the sport even before participating in competitions. After winning the 4th class state title and breaking the state all-around record, I went from 5th to 8th class in one year.

I competed in grade 9 competitions at age nine and advanced to regionals. I finished class 10 the following year when I was ten and enrolled in NIT. I made the decision to try to prepare for America with my coach. Accept the challenge. When I reached my goal and finished second in the optimist class, I was overjoyed.

I put a lot of effort into developing my abilities during the 2013-2014 season, becoming the youngest athlete in the country to earn a spot in Jr. Elite International. I participated in the 2015 US Classic and placed eighth overall. The 2015 P&G National Championships have now been opened to me!

Olivia Dunne Gymnastics Head Viral Video on Twitter And Reddit

I participated in the Bresteyn Elite Qualifier in Las Vegas in 2016 and took first place. I added a brand new floor drive with some improvements including B. Double rows and 2 1/2 turns. I won the KPAC Elite Qualifier in North Carolina with a score of 14.2. I received my qualifying results for the Procter & Gamble Championship at the 2016 Secret American Classic in St. Louis, Missouri. At the 2016 Procter & Gamble Championship, I participated, and on floor and beam I won two medals.

I attended a national team training camp at the US Olympic Training Center based in Texas. I was chosen to represent the USA at the Jesolo Trophy in Italy in March 2017. Being selected for the USA national team is a privilege. The American junior team won the overall gold medal! It was really exciting.

I received a full-time athletic scholarship to LSU for 2020 in the spring of 2017. I look forward to eventually joining their group. I successfully competed at the US Classic in Chicago during the 2017 Elite season, winning three medals on beam, one on floor and placing fifth overall. I also participated in the P&G championships in California, where I took first place on beam and floor.