Nida Yasir responds to backlash for inviting viral dance girl Ayesha on her show

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Social media has made many people famous in their own way, especially on TikTok. In 2021 we saw Dananeer Mobeen become an internet sensation with her viral “pawri” video, and this year it was Ayesha who went viral with her dance in Lata Mangeshkar’s remix of “Mera Dil Ye Pukary Aaja”. According to tradition, Nida Yasir called her to her program. Good morning Pakistan However, the TV show host was heavily criticized for it. Now in a recent interview, Yasir has responded and said that he is not at fault, but instead that it is people who turn ordinary people into internet celebrities.

TV show host revealed Express TVs Talk Show with Hassan Choudary Where he talks about the hate he gets for inviting Ayesha. “Whether it’s your day-to-day life or people at school, college or university, not everyone is going to like you. You either have decent friends or people who don’t like you. Her [a] It’s part of life and you can’t make everyone happy. I saw it Shafaat’s tweet when I called that famous TikToker Ayesha on my schedule and not everyone came for me [inviting] “Those who have a medal for something or someone with a merit list,” he said.

Yasir said he does many shows where he invites different kinds of people, but they “never went viral” and they didn’t get any ratings for him. “I invited eight to 10 people on my show who were doing unique things that would amaze you at the same time. LookPawri ho rahi hai‘ girl and Zara who made a distinction. I called them both together in my program. Now tell me who do you know better than these two? Where did Zara go? It’s not my fault, guilty people.”

This Nadaanyan The actor explained that the TV shows these days are based on.saas-bahu [mother-in-law daughter-in-law] Issues” and ratings, then the channel shows exactly what people want to see. “If I bring well-educated people to my show, then you should watch it. Why not? You’ve seen my show at the request of more than one person because nowadays people add a photo of me with someone I don’t know. Yasir is people who want it to happen and then they complain too,” he reasoned.

He told Choudary that he’s been hosting the show for nearly 14 years and that people sleeping on the morning show later criticized him based on a viral clip. “I have to mix it up for people to like it. There are a lot of people who don’t watch my show who see weddings as their only source of entertainment and are busy with other things. They have to go to parties at night and have trouble waking up in the morning. They can watch the reruns, but I want live ratings.”

Talking about why he thinks his show has been popular for almost ten and a half years, the 49-year-old actor-host said, “I’m the kind of woman behind the screen that can resonate with me because of what I have. what he is facing is what he is facing in practice. I am also a mother, a wife and a bride – I host this kind of program. Have you ever seen me do a night show? [tight] Do I dress with my legs open? Because I can’t. What can I do, you can see clearly.

If Yasir is inviting someone who becomes famous overnight as a TV show host, it’s because people enjoy that person’s content. The host, like others, will clearly take into account what people might want to see. Why is he getting hate for this?

It is the general public who re-share videos on social media so that they go viral. To be responsible. If you don’t like a video or find it worthless, then go around. Hate Yasir for inviting someone joyful made us vowel sounds like salty behavior.