New League Of Legends Spin-Off Game Leaked By South Korea Rating Committee

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South Korea’s Game Rating and Management Committee has leaked Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story, a new League of Legends spinoff. The upcoming game will be published by Riot Forge, a third-party publishing company of Riot Games.

Founded in 2019, Riot Forge collaborates with indie developers to create narrative-driven games that expand the League of Legends universe. Riot Forge, in collaboration with Airship Syndicate, has released Ruined King, a turn-based role-playing game and dungeon crawler. The Ruined King begins in Bilgewater and follows Miss Fortune, Illaoi, Yasuo, Ahri, Braum, and Pyke to the mysterious Shadow Isles. Despite the technical issues, with the success of Ruined King, Riot Forge continues to leverage and develop League of Legends knowledge to release more games.

The South Korean Gaming Rating and Management Committee finalized Mageseeker’s classification decision today. The Korean to English translation of the verdict reveals several pieces of information, including the title, platform, genre, rating and reason for rating. Mageseeker is classified as an action game and will be coming to PC at an unannounced date. The committee determined that Mageseeker is suitable for players who are at least 12 years old, citing the “constant battle scenes against humans/non-humans” rating. The rating reason also includes a brief description of the game; It is named Sylas as the main character and Demacia as the setting.

Released in 2019, Sylas: The Unshackled is a revolutionary sorcerer who fights against oppression in Demacia, a kingdom that prohibits witchcraft. Due to an accident that killed three people, Sylas is imprisoned in a magic hunter compound until he uses Lux’s magic to escape. After Sylas escaped, he rounded up the exiled mages and tried to overthrow the Demacian monarchy. The short video, “Magic is Rising: Stand With Sylas,” released the day of Sylas’s release, features illustrations of mages arrested by Demacian soldiers and a voiceover sharing The Unshackled’s frustration with Demacia ideals. “All these noble ideals and promises of a brighter future – they were never designed for the likes of us,” says the voiceover. “We have been deprived of our freedom, our dignity, our lives.” Sylas gathers his fellow wizards to fight against the authorities, and the final footage of the video depicts a confrontation between Sylas and Garen.

Apart from Mageseeker, Riot Forge has spin-offs that have been announced and worked on: Hextech Mayhem, Song of Nunu, and CONVERGENCE. Each game focuses on different champions from League of Legends and features iconic locations in Runeterra. Rhythm runner Hextech Mayhem puts players in the shoes of chaotic Heexplosives expert Ziggs as he detonates bombs in Piltover. Set in the harsh tundra of the Freljord, Song of Nunu follows young adventurer Nunu and the magical yeti Willump on their journey to find her mother. A 2D platformer, CONVERGENCE centers on inventor and time traveler Ekko as he battles enemies in Zaun.

Hextech Mayhem and Ruined King are now available on PC and Nintendo Switch. Hextech Mayhem is also accessible on mobile devices, while Ruined King is playable on PS4 and Xbox One. League of Legends fans hoping to play Song of Nunu and CONVERGENCE will have to wait a little longer for their debut. In October, Riot Forge Announced on Twitter and Steam, where both games that were originally expected to be released last year will be delayed to “sometime in 2023”.