Natty Balbuena viral video on twitter, what really happened – (Full Video)

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A panelist named Natty Balbuena recently made a stir on social networks when she talked about how she had been s_xtorted. She said that someone had personal information about her, which caused a lot of debate. People had two different reactions to the situation: some blamed her and said she earned it, while others felt sorry for the victim and stood by her.

In this way, several well-known people also “chained the spoon” to the issue and said what they thought about it. Some people showed their support for Natty, while others, like the businessman Regis Marques, added their own spicy opinions.

The commentator scolded Natty Balbuena for constantly picking on and criticizing everyone on the low-rated show that was moved to a later time spot. The commenter told Natty that she should have the courage to take feedback and stop attacking other people. “Stop pointing fingers and be strong enough to accept your own video,” she said.

The panelist, for her part, decided to keep quiet and let professionals find the racy material that involved her, especially since the alleged content starring the woman is already going around.