Model Says OnlyFans Job ‘saved’ Her Life After Earning £5k A Month To Pay For Lifesaving Medicine

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Model says OnlyFans job 'saved' her life after earning £5k a month to pay for lifesaving medicine

A former legal executive suffering from a rare immunobullous autoimmune disease has revealed how turning to OnlyFans saved her life. Rachael Huckle, 37, claims that after being unable to get treatment on the NHS, she resorted to selling pictures on OnlyFans to fund private treatment, including medication, oral surgeries, and nerve blockers to help ease her symptoms, costing £2,000 a month. Under the name Ivy Tenebrae, she has been able to make up to £5,000 a month from her content, which helps pay for her private healthcare.

Rachael was diagnosed with pemphigus, a disease that causes blistering and erosion of the skin, in 2014, which resulted in painful blisters that could erupt through her nose, mouth, throat, and bowel. She said, “Living with this illness is truly awful. You lose relationships and friendships. OnlyFans has been honestly life-saving. I’m very lucky because I know a lot of other people with similar conditions who are struggling but can’t pay for the treatment. If I didn’t have OnlyFans, I don’t know what I’d do.”


Due to her illness, Rachael had to leave her job at a legal firm and was unable to find a way to make money for financial support until she turned to OnlyFans in 2019. Despite suffering from flare-ups and constant pain, she has been able to earn a living through live-streaming and selling pictures and videos of herself. She uses half of her income on private healthcare, which includes seeing a rheumatologist and undergoing various procedures to ease her symptoms.

Rachael hopes to become a councillor to support other people with chronic, life-threatening autoimmune diseases. She also urges the importance of self-funding treatment when necessary, especially when one’s condition is not covered by the NHS or insurance. Rachael’s story sheds light on the struggles that individuals with rare illnesses face and how they must resort to alternative measures to ensure their well-being.


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