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Many models have established careers and earned huge sums of money through their video posting services. Since this platform has millions of users and millions of stars, it can be said that it is now a place where anyone who wants to become a model can do so.

Once they get here, visitors can pay to access the videos they want, and the models get paid. One of these models, Maite Sasdelli, is only well known. She left the industry after an unimpressive modeling career.

Maite Sasdelli Videos & Images Viral on Social Media

Maite is a model who has only worked to achieve the fame she currently enjoys. She was an actress who appeared in many adult movies, but then she decided to pursue a career that would pay well and also bring her fame.

Earlier, Maite revealed that even though people believe this industry is doing well and it is fun to work in, they are not aware that a model has to go through many procedures and work with many representatives more experienced than her.

Maite also mentioned that they receive mentoring and payout reductions throughout the sessions. She went on to say that working in the industry is also difficult.