Lady Gaga Recreates Wednesday’s Viral Gothic Dance Moves in Costume

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Wednesday‘s iconic dance number has been recreated in a new video by pop artist Lady Gaga. Jenna Ortega made a strong impression with her latest Wednesday iteration of Addams. Addams Family adaptation, Netflix Wednesday. Ortega has received praise from critics and audiences alike for his role as the eponymous character, with many of his iconic moments from the eight-episode series going viral since then. Wednesday’It will be released in November. A special note came in episode 4, where Wednesday attended Rave’N Dance at Nevermore Academy in a black dress, performing a bizarre choreographed number that captivated both the show’s audience and real-life audiences.

Since Wednesday The episode 4 dance sequence went viral, recreating the dance of the 2011 Lady Gaga song “Bloody Mary” has become a TikTok trend. The chorus of the song screams “I’ll dance, dance, dance/ With my hands, with my hands, with my hands/ Above my head, my head, my head” It’s similar to the choreography of Wednesday’s dance. Lady Gaga has now jumped on the glamorous fashion trend and posted her homage to Wednesday Addams on TikTok with the appropriate caption, while dressing in the character-like high-collar gothic schoolgirl style. Check out the video below:

Why Did Wednesday’s Dance Go Viral?

For many viewers, Wednesday’s dance sequence was the moment that cemented their appreciation for the show, as the protagonist, while being watched by his new peers, was strangely charmingly driven to be completely himself. The dance scene garnered even more praise when it was revealed that Ortega had choreographed himself, inspired by Lisa Loring’s portrayal of Wednesday Addams, rock star Siouxsie Sioux, and dance images in 1980s goth clubs. Ortega’s dedication to quirky choreography has shown his dedication to the role on Wednesday to many, proving that he’s the perfect person to bring Wednesday Addams into the 21st century.

Could Lady Gaga Be Part of Wednesday Season 2?

Lady Gaga shares some similarities with Wednesday’s character, due to her dark sense of style, brands of weirdness, and an affinity for the creepy side of life. Gaga’s fan base is even called Little Monsters, which Wednesday, who has an injured and severed hand for a pet, would definitely appreciate. Like Ortega herself, Gaga worked as a scream queen for a while. american horror story season 5. As a well-known actor in addition to her legendary pop career, Lady Gaga could very well have joined the cast of the show. Wednesday If you’re interested in season 2, because the show’s gothic themes and aesthetic are just right for it.

If the series is renewed, season 2 of the hit Netflix series will explore in more detail the new relationships in Wednesday’s Nevermore, alongside other characters in the Addams family. This could potentially lead to Lady Gaga taking on a role as a member of the Addams family, perhaps as Grandma, or to become Nevermore’s new principal after the tragedy of the school’s previous principal. Of course, Lady Gaga’s music career and upcoming lead role Joker: Folie à Deux can complicate the passage of the star Wednesday, but it’s fun regardless of the star’s homage to the show.

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