Kiruthiga Udhayanithi’s Reaction To Her Son Inbanithi’s GF viral Photos

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Following a series of images of his son and his alleged girlfriend going viral online, a cryptic tweet posted by filmmaker Kiruthiga Udhayanithi is widely shared on the microblogging social media site. In his tweet, Kiruthiga said that one should not be afraid to love and express it before affirming that it is a way to understand nature in all its glory.

She is receiving praise from Twitter users for handling the sequence of events responsibly. The tweet has received hundreds of mostly positive comments and over 4,000 likes so far.

Kiruthiga Udhayanithi’s Reaction To Her Son Inbanithi’s GF viral Photos

Since Wednesday evening, a collage image of Inbanithi Stalin, son of MP for Chepauk and Sports Minister Udhayanithi Stalin, posing for photos with a girl has been doing the rounds on social media.

Since the photo went viral, various reactions have been posted on various internet forums. A few people claimed that Inbanithi himself uploaded the photos to his Instagram account, but others claimed that the girl shared them.

Actress Reacted to the Inbanithi Stalin Viral Photo

Inbanithi was seen in the photos hugging the young woman, believed to be Sahana, from behind and spending some personal time with her. Inba and his family, which includes Chief Minister MK Stalin and former Chief Minister Mr. Karunanithi, have come under fire from many people due to viral photos.

Don’t be afraid to express your love as Kiruthiga Udhayanithi wrote in a post on her official Instagram account to silence all trolls. It is a way of apprehending nature in all its splendor.