Karishma Tanna showed royal look in front of camera, pictures went viral

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Karishma Tanna’s royal appearance: Actress Karishma Tanna has come a long way in the acting world. However, she got more headlines than her acting because of her private life. Karishma has acquired a special identity in the country over all these years.

Her fans are attracted to her every style. The actor continues to be the subject of discussion due to his real life, and he appears more than his real life. Often her new style goes viral among fans. Now, some photos of the famous actor are attracting the attention of fans.

Karishma Tanna wears saree for royal photoshoot

Karishma is very active on social media. Often his personal life is also seen on his page. This time, the actor showed his noble image to his fans.

In the latest photos, Karishma is wearing a lightly embroidered silk saree. She carried a shiny gold blouse. The actress, who showed off in this image, posed for many consecutive poses.

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Karishma looks so beautiful and noble

Karishma wore nud3 makeup and gold jewelry for this look. With that, she made a hair ponytail. Karishma looks very beautiful and noble in this look. Fans can’t take their eyes off these hobbies. While people were praising him, they also made a lot of comments. These photos of the famous actress received thousands of likes in a short time.

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Karishma Tanna seen in fewer projects

Importantly, Karishma Tanna has been involved in projects for some time. She is currently giving her full attention only to her married life and family. The actress was last seen playing the role of police officer Geeta Tehlan in the multi-star web drama ‘Hush Hush’.