Jawaan movie leaked scene, Shah Rukh Khan fans are already waiting… – Rullie i

Jawaan movie leaked scene, Shah Rukh Khan fans are already waiting… – Rullie i


A scene from Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie jawaan that looks like an action scene has been leaked online. In the scene, the actor makes a “massive” entrance.

After Pathaan, Shah Rukh Khan’s next movie looks like it will be good. A scene from Jawan is said to have leaked online, leaving Shah Rukh Khan’s fans wanting more of his action persona.

The video is being shared on social media right now, but Red Chillies quickly took it down because it violated their copyright. In it, Shah Rukh Khan uses his action avatar to beat up bad guys. He was seen hitting people with what looked like a silver belt. He wore blue pants and a blue shirt. Slow-motion footage keeps people interested in the movie.’

“Clap clap. Jawan leaked a video of Shah Rukh Khan, who is the box office king. This will be the granddaddy of all movies (kya baap level ki movie la rahe ho)!!! I’m excited. “This will definitely break every record,” one fan wrote. “Pathaan is only a preview… Jawan Hogi’s crowd action movie Asli… “SRK in a role that has never been done before,” read another comment.

Atlee is in charge of Jawan, and Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi are in it. The movie is an action thriller, and last year a trailer for it came out. Nayanthara has just finished making the movie. This will be Shah Rukh’s third movie after Patan, Dunki, and this one. Rajkummar Hirani is in charge of the movie Dunki, which stars Taapsee Pannu.

During the meeting, a fan asked SRK, “Hi sir, Nayantara mam ke saath Jawan me kaam karke kaisa feel hua (how does it feel to work with Nayanthara)? Everyone speaks every language very well… a very Great time. I hope you all like her in the movie.”

When another fan asked about working with Vijay Sethupathi in Jawan, the actor said, “Big… and a little crazy.”

Shah Rukh said he wasn’t ready to slow down and that he would never leave show business. “I will never stop acting… I should be fired… “Maybe I’ll come back hotter,” he told a fan who asked who would take his place as Bollywood’s biggest star after he retired. Even though he will keep acting, the actor said, “I don’t feel comfortable seeing myself on screen.”