Jang Wonyoung’s Latest Viral ‘2022 Melon Music Awards’ Photos Everyone Wondered If He Was Computer Graphics

Eevie Aspen Video & Photos Viral On Twitter, Reddit And YouTube


Netizens say some good parts I’M THE OWNER‘s Jang Wonyoung to seem computer graphics (CG).

Many female idols, for example carina from aespa and sullyoon from NMIXXreferred to ashuman CGBecause they look so good.

This time, according to a post on an online community forum “If I saw these, I would think Jang Wonyoung was a computer-generated picture.“.

The post had the last photos of the idol taken in “”.2022 Melon Music Awards“Netizens said that her shimmering eyes and other parts of her face were almost visible”perfect

In the comments, many internet users said that she looks like a girl.princess“or a”game character

Other answers to these images:

“Is it cute?”

“She looks like a fairy.”

“What happened to your wings?”

“These photos are legendary for how beautiful they are.”

“I took my breath away when I saw the first photo”

“A real CG”

“The Biggest Picture”

“Even babies don’t look as good as these.”

“A real game character”

What are your thoughts?