Imran Khan Leaked Audio phone call with a woman

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The audio of Imran Khan leaked. He engaged in a seductive conversation with an unknown girl.

The hacker, who claims to have audio recordings of the PM House, released another audio clip suggesting PTI Chairman Imran Khan may have been talking to a girl on the phone.

The audio contained comments from the former Prime Minister which appeared to indicate that it was a telephone recording.

Hamid Mir’s responses to Imran Khan’s hacked call

What I heard from Imran Khan today, I have never heard such a thing before, so much nonsense in politics, people will get their hands on their noses. Hamid Mir comments on Imran Khan audio leak.

Tweet by Salman Ahmad regarding Imran Khan’s leaked call

Imran Khan’s Audio call | Bol News

Tweets by Cyril Almeida on the hacked audio call with Imran Khan