Iggy Azalea Video Viral on Reddit and Twitter

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In 2018, Iggy Azalea will launch his year-long multimedia project “Hotter Than Hell”. The rapper is a member of a social media platform that provides its users with exclusive content like songs, movies, pictures, and poetry.

In the summer, Azaela plans to release a new album. When she partnered with an Australian website devoted to her fandom, she launched her first creation in over two years. They will have early access to material from “Hotter Than Hell”, which will expire in December 2023. Azaela’s hardcover book is also available in a special version with additional bonus materials for buyers.

Iggy Azalea Video Viral on Reddit and Twitter

Azalea was lucky enough to avoid self-censorship due to excessive creative restriction. When she joined the site two years ago, she said so in a statement.

According to Azalea, working on her most ambitious effort to date was something she never anticipated. She also provided Variety with a statement, which was as follows. “I thought this was the perfect place to launch a multimedia concept when I got past the discussion of what it means to have an account.” I’m thrilled to partner with a brave, forward-thinking company to share my work as an artist exploring new creative mediums. My colleagues and I believe this project is both challenging and enjoyable, and people will be amazed at how daring it is.