Hannah Goldy video viral on Reddit and Twitter

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Hannah Goldy struggled to compete in the UFC but also got the limelight for her photos. The 30-year-old combined martial artist has over 167,000 followers on Instagram. Her last fight was in July when she lost to Molly McCann by TKO. She has a qualified MMA ratio of 6-3 and has lost three of her last four fights. Her last win was in September 2021, when she beat Emily Whitmire.

“This fight is very special to me. After my last fight, honestly, I don’t think I’ll be going back to the octagon,” Goldy said at the time, according to MMA Junkie. “The stars have aligned, I had a last minute opportunity and I changed a few things this time around from how I normally travel to my camp. I spent a lot of time on the psychological aspect of my recess. I believe this is actually happening these days. Delay pays.

Hannah Goldy video viral on Reddit and Twitter

“I do it for me. I’m very proud of myself and I’m really happy to be able to show some of my skills tonight and make my coaches, my team, and all my fans proud. Here are some well-known images of Goldy.

One fan replied, “Absolutely best body ever award,” while another mentioned, “I will be your training partner just to hang out with you hahahha jk jk.” One wrote: “Your struggle and struggle is [100]. If the knee hadn’t happened, you could have won the last fight. Keep it up, champ.w your post and just wore it.