Gwyneth Paltrow Addresses Criticism Following Viral Video of Her Eating Habits – (Full Video)

Gwyneth Paltrow Addresses Criticism Following Viral Video of Her Eating Habits – Rullie i


Gwyneth Paltrow is speaking out over the uproar about what she shared about her eating habits.

If you missed it, the 50-year-old former actress and goop founder explained that she does a “nice intermittent fast”, which includes a bone broth lunch, among other things.

Following the clip, many accused Gwyneth of promoting toxic diet culture, and now she’s responding to the accusations.

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“I usually eat something about 12, and in the morning I’ll have some things that won’t spike my blood sugar, so I have coffee, but I really like soup for lunch,” she said in the clip. “I have bone broth for lunch.”

Gwyneth then added that for dinner, she tries to “eat, you know, according to paleo, so lots of vegetables. It’s really important for me to support my detox.”

After the backlash, Gwyneth took to her Instagram Story to respond.

She explained that she’s been working with Will Cole, the podcast host, “for over two years now to deal with some chronic stuff, and I have long COVID.”

“So I’ve been working with Dr. Cole to really focus on foods that aren’t inflammatory … so lots of vegetables, cooked vegetables, all kinds of protein, healthy carbs to really lower inflammation and it’s been working really well. This is, you know, based on my medical results and extensive testing that I’ve done over time,” she shared.

Gwyneth then explained that she didn’t mean for her comments about her diet to be any sort of advice.

“[It was just] a transparent look at a conversation between me and my doctor. … It’s really just what has worked for me, and it’s been very powerful and very positive.”

“This is not to say that I eat this way all day every day,” she went on. “By the way, I far more than bone broth and vegetables. I eat full meals. And I also have a lot of days of eating whatever I want and eating French fries and whatever. But my baseline really has been to try to be healthy and to eat foods that will really calm the system down.”

During that same podcast, Gwyneth also shared that one of the therapies she’s tried out is Ozone Therapy. Find out what that is here.

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