'Going viral for d**k': Internet divided over Rory Culkin's full frontal scene in Prime Video's 'Swarm'

Going Viral For D**k: Internet Divided Over Rory Culkin’s Full Frontal Scene In Prime Video’s ‘Swarm’


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: ‘Swarm’ is in the news again, and guess what, it’s for exhibiting corporal attributes, again. After the Internet went into a frenzy following the intimate scene between Chloe Bailey and Damson Idris, the netizens are now shocked to see Rory Culkin’s nud3 scene in Amazon Prime Video’s latest release.

'Going viral for d**k': Internet divided over Rory Culkin's full frontal scene in Prime Video's 'Swarm'

Culkin’s character, Marcus, is introduced in the show as a lover of Dominique Fishback’s character Andrea Green. The ‘Scream 4’ star appears in the series for a cameo. The horror-thriller follows Dominique Fishback, a pop star fan who goes on a killing spree after losing a loved one.

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In the pilot episode, the two are seen kissing by a staircase as Fishback’s character makes her way to a nightclub and dances provokingly with Culkin. The scene then moves to the morning after and Andrea finds herself in an unknown apartment, with Culkin’s character making breakfast for her. What got the internet’s interest was the next scene. Culkin is seen nak3d walking around the kitchen with a glass bowl full of fruits in his hands. An image of the clear bowl with his character’s p**is pressed up against the glass can be seen on the screen as he gets down on his knees and offers her some strawberries.

Fishback’s ‘Andrea’ was obviously surprised by the sight, and viewers of the show were equally astounded.

Nudity in ‘Swarm’

Another scene that came under netizens’ scrutiny was a scene involving Chloe Bailey. Bailey, who portrays the character of Marissa Jackson in the psychological horror show, is shown to be in a graphic intimate scene with actor Damson Idris, who plays her boyfriend Khalid. Marissa’s sister arrives at the door to observe what is happening at the moment. When Khalid notices her, he gives her a wink and continues having $ex with Marissa again. Since the scene has a considerable amount of nudity, it quickly came under scrutiny.

‘Was not ready for the Rory Culkin strawberry scene in Swarm’

One fan lamented, “Rory culkin going viral for a d**k scene in swarm and not for his amazing acting in anything else makes me ill..i hate that THAT scene is what’s gonna introduce a lot of people to rory..i hate the internet.” Another fan sounded intrigued and wrote, “Rory Culkin did full frontal in Swarm. His entire p***s displayed under a glass fruit bowl, that was unexpected. I thought that was him in the club scene. This show is very interesting.”

Another fan wants more of Rory Culkin in the show as they said, “I need more of rory culkin in swarm please don’t tell me he’s only in one scene”.


A shocked user remarks, “Was not ready for the Rory Culkin strawberry scene in Swarm. Having said that, I’m still watching.” Another fan joked, “Ur tellin me they put my boy rory culkin in swarm just to give us that strawberry bowl scene????” Another fan said, “Currently watching swarm and rory culkin made a bigger impression in that single scene than all scream 4.”


One fan complained, “The mainstream is starting to talk about rory culkin more because of swarm and i don’t like it.” Another pipped in, “They put rory culkin on swarm all of 5 minutes just so he could show his d**k next to a bowl of strawberries?????”

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