Goat Simulator 3 Ad Removed After Including GTA 6 Leaked Gameplay

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A new promotional video for Goat Simulator 3 has received a copyright strike from Take-Two Interactive after it included leaked gameplay footage of Grand Theft Auto 6.

The satirical video in question chronicles the life of an NPC named Shaun as he explores his daily adventures in the world of Goat Simulator 3. It was spotted in gameplay footage of Grand Theft Auto 6 that was leaked earlier this year. Images of NPC Shaun in the new Grand Theft Auto were of course fake. However, the gameplay used in the promotional video was actually from leaks that broke the internet.

Although it was only a few short seconds, it didn’t take long for Take-Two Interactive to slam Goat Simulator 3 with a copyright strike. The tweet is still visible on the official Goat Simulator 3 Twitter account, but the video attached to the tweet states that “this media has been disabled in response to a notification by the copyright holder.”

Rockstar Games confirmed earlier this year that development for the next Grand Theft Auto game is progressing well at the moment, and the studio has stated that over the past few years it has consistently shifted more development resources towards the next entry. After Rockstar confirmed a new Grand Theft Auto game, fans woke up one Sunday morning in September to discover that a lot of gameplay footage had leaked from a game that looked like a new GTA game.

A response from Rockstar Games the next day confirmed that the studio had “hacked a network”, leading to early development footage for the next Grand Theft Auto game being leaked to the public. Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, has worked tirelessly to remove the footage, despite it being scattered all over the internet.

No further announcements have been made about GTA 6 since the leaks, but it’s fair to say that no one really expected footage from a Goat Simulator 3 commercial to pop up once again.