Full video: Doc Rivers Twitter leaked video goes viral on the internet

Full video: Doc Rivers Twitter leaked video goes viral on the internet


Doc Rivers Twitter leaked video goes viral on the internet

According to information, Glen ‘Doc’ Rivers is the head coach for the Philadelphia 79ers or Sixers. His Twitter burner exposed his likes to the public.

From the Twitter likes by Doc Rivers, he liked an account belonging to a trans woman and femboys. The handles are @TS The Olivia Jade and Suited Hotmess.

Doc Rivers also liked a p0rn account, with the handle @Wife Wants to Play. The only reasonable account he liked on Twitter is @the daily show.

The moment has caused stirs and reactions on social media. People are beginning to call Doc Rivers a’ gay man’ who likes femboys but is still definitely in the closet.

Reactions below:

Michael: Dwight Howard showing doc rivers she men at halftime.

Paul’s: Philadelphia 76ers Head Coach, Glen ‘Doc’ Rivers issues a statement regarding his Twitter likes from last night.

Mityana: Lucky for Doc Rivers that he’s employed by the Sixers and this is not even close to the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to the franchise in the last decade.

Maxwell: That nigga Doc Rivers don’t go to Cancun when they get knocked out the Playoffs he go to Bangkok.

Jubilee: James Harden showing Doc Rivers how to bookmark p0rn videos on Twitter instead of liking them:

Maria: Doc Rivers going absolutely crazy on Twitter this summer.

Desolate: I’m gonna clown the guy for liking p0rn tweets on his public, verified account with 60k followers, but I’m not with clowning the guy for what he likes. I admit surfing for spank content on Twitter is foreign to me, but if the stuff’s legal, I ain’t ever gonna judge. Do you, Doc.

Matheba: What if he just came out and owned it… no, you didnt get hacked…. Its fine dude. Its normal. Now, whats that website again??

Cassper: This is why we need more acceptance in society. Too many people are in the closet, not free to be who they are. So they sneak around and then (have to) claim they were hacked.

Abel: I don’t get why this is such a big deal. Every dude watches p0rn, I wouldn’t trust one who didn’t.