Full Gameplay of Callisto Protocol Leaked on Twitch Before Release

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The entire gameplay of the space survival shooter The Callisto Protocol was leaked on Twitch by multiple users just a day before its official debut on December 2.

Leaking a game before its intended release date is devastating for any developer, not only ruining those waiting to get their hands on the game, but also hampering publishers’ efforts to promote their work and provide insight. appreciated the way they wanted. It can also reveal secrets and other important discoveries that the developers want you to deal with in real time, but fortunately in the case of the Callisto Protocol it has a very strong core that is unlikely to be affected by such a nasty event.

From the footage we saw, which corresponds to at least seven hours of total playtime, it seems that the developers were able to deliver on all their promises and create one of the best survival horror experiences of the current generation. The game also seems to work great on PlayStation 5 consoles, which is apparently the platform most leakers use to post their footage. Encounters with two-headed mutants (one of the creatures teased by the studio) are as satisfying and exciting as can be, and the way their grotesque figures challenge strategic playstyles definitely sets a new bar for third-person survival shooters. . .

Callisto Protocol is expected to take players around 12-14 hours depending on the difficulty, but Striking Distance Studios has previously mentioned the existence of “beta trails”. A feature that serves as alternate story paths that offer a different perspective on events in the game while adding to the game’s replayability factor. Managing a game like The Callisto Protocol looks very different from other horror games like Dead Space or Alien Isolation, thanks to the extra level of detail and dynamism provided by the SSD of the current console generation.

If you plan on purchasing Callisto Protocol when it launches on December 2, we advise you to avoid any spoilers that may be lurking on Twitch.