Fortnite In-Game Map Leaked, New and Returning POIs Revealed

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Fortnite fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the new episode, and Epic Games once again did not disappoint with an epic finale event that gave fans an idea of ​​what to expect.

In a tweet, popular Fortnite leakster InTheShade reveals the new Fortnite map that will be making its way into the game. While sketches of the new map were leaked earlier in the day, this is the first time we’re seeing an idea of ​​what the map will look like in the game. As always, the map has a number of interesting aspects that stand out from its predecessors.

The northeastern part of the map shows a snow-covered area and we can see many lakes there. The previous section’s map had instead the snowy area in the northwest part of the map, known as the Logjam Lumberyard. We still don’t know the names of the various locations on the map, but it should be out very soon.

Next, we have forests that cover almost the entire southern part of the map. Unlike the last map, we don’t really see a desert region in this map, which is pretty surprising because Epic Games covers a wide variety of biomes in each new map. Instead, we see a valley region with an autumnal vibe.

POIs are always one of the most talked about aspects of the new map and some interesting things are coming in this map as well. Some of the POIs that have been confirmed to return so far are as follows.

  • Polar Peak
  • Lucky Landing
  • Motel
  • nice park
  • Agency
  • Steam Stacks
  • Cold Flights

It will be interesting to see what other new POIs will be added to the game, but judging by the look of the map, fans are already out for a ride.