Footballer Gonçalo Ramos video went viral on Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit

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Earlier on Tuesday, Goncalo Ramos, who had never played as a striker for the team before, replaced Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal’s FIFA World Cup squad. Although this choice was made in the midst of a busy period and the viewers weren’t happy with the choice of teams, one cannot change the fact that Cristiano and his abilities cannot be replaced.

Now that a video or a short clip of the player who will replace Ronaldo, Goncalo, has gone viral online, many people are looking for information about it on the internet. Stay tuned as we go into detail on both the Goncalo and this incident.

Gonçalo Ramos: who is he?

Goncalo was born on June 20, 2001, and his full name is Goncalo Matias Ramos. The young player, who took the place of Ronaldo, is only 21 years old. Although Goncalo is a fantastic athlete, he has never played as a striker in games and his replacement for Ronaldo has been amazing. On the other hand, Ronaldo is a striker who has won many games and is a five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

Regarding Ramos’ private life, he is the son of another player named Marco Ramos. Goncalo played for several teams before making his professional debut at the age of 12. Goncalo was the first Benfica player to score a hat trick since 1998 and the first player to score twice in his first games.

Goncalo Ramos viral video

After the choice to replace Ronaldo with Goncalo was made, the decision was not well received by the fans.

A day later, Goncalo drew attention for displacing the legendary players, and he did it again when his video went viral online.