Footage Leaked From Black Ops 3’s Canceled Open World Campaign

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As reported by Insider Gaming, a Reddit user has leaked early build screenshots of Call of Duty: Black Ops III’s canceled open world campaign, and they provide some interesting insights into what Treyarch had in mind. The leaker’s profile is listed in the Insider Gaming article, but this profile does not provide any links to the leaks, so the source of the images is currently unknown. You can find the full list with dozens of screenshots here.

It was previously reported that Black Ops III, the 2015 iteration of the Call of Duty franchise, is actually planning an open world campaign that will be a first for the series. This was reportedly worked on for about a year before being shelved for a more traditional level-based linear campaign that is usual for Call of Duty (although it features co-op gameplay and more open level design).

These screenshots reveal some key information about the scrapped campaign, such as the different parts of the world, their appearance and layout, certain in-world game modes, and the day and night cycle. According to the leaked images, there would be a ‘Chinatown’ area, a ‘City Center’ area, a ‘Hilltop’ area and a ‘Black Station’ area.

Unlike Call of Duty’s famous Zombies mode, there were location-based survival modes where you had to survive hordes of enemies in a round-based system, and there were also timed defense modes where you had to protect cargo from enemies for a while. limited time. It also looks like there will be some environmental destructibility as a screenshot shows a warning for the player to smash some pillars that get in their way.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III was the twelfth game in the series overall and the fourth Call of Duty game from developer Treyarch. It continues the now prolific Black Ops gaming sub-series that began in 2010 with the original beloved classic Call of Duty: Black Ops, which many fans have praised for its more psychological storyline that differs significantly from the Call of Duty campaigns of the past. It seems Treyarch wanted to change the mold again with Black Ops III, but was unable to do so, possibly due to time constraints.