Emory Healthcare Nurses Fired After Viral TikTok Video

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This article is going to completely shock you as we are about to inform you about the amazing information which is generating lots of talks and piques your interest. We refer to Atlanta nurses who lost their jobs after criticizing their patients in Tiktok videos. The social media platform is currently flooded with discussions about it, so be sure to read this article to the end to know more about the topic as a whole.

TikTok Video Atlanta Hospital nurses

Resources and Information says four labor and delivery nurses in Atlanta have all been fired over the sharing of the trending “icks” video. You may be wondering why nurses are on the rise and why this is happening.

You might be interested to know why they were fired considering they were talking about pregnant women and their families. This news dates back to December when this specific group from Emory University included a video in which the day was about patients.

Emory Healthcare Nurses Viral TikTok Video

When the entire ward and medical staff learned of the video’s offensive remarks about patients going to the hospital for their treatment, they were fired and this action was taken against them. They released a statement on December 8 outlining the entire situation, including the video.