Dubahub Video Went Viral On Twitter and Across the Globe

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Of the many videos posted online, few go viral on the internet and most of the videos are actually quite attractive. A video, which was also randomly uploaded and currently getting millions of views, the viral Dubahub video has received a lot of attention on Twitter.

Dubahub Viral Video

Many people consider this video a meme, but many have criticized it for the messages it conveys. This is a typical video that, after being posted, gained a significant following. Stay tuned as we go over every aspect of this video in detail. This video was recorded and broadcast from Medellin, a city in the province of Antioquia.

Who is Dubahub?

Instead, it’s a video of a man using a skateboard to roll down the sides of a bus. This weekend, a viral video was uploaded, quickly garnering millions of views. The person in the video was riding a skateboard while holding onto the corners or edges of a moving bus while talking on their cell phone.