BLACKPINK’s Rosé went viral with her reaction to a fan’s request during BLACKPINK’s concert in Hong Kong

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During BLACKPINK RoseConcert in Hong Kong, lucky BLINK caught their attention with a sign, and they got a hilariously unexpected response.

This BORN PINK The world tour was full of unforgettable moments and BLACKPINK For the first time since their debut, they were able to reconnect with their your areaThe world tour ended in 2020.

On the band’s current world tour, VIPThe Ultimate BORN PINK ExperienceTickets can catch a glimpse of the show during the sound check and see the band after the concert. This exclusive access to members BLACKPINK led to many viral moments.

On BORN PINK tour, members had a great time BLINKs. Even in the middle of a song BLACKPINK he will stop what he is doing to talk to the fans. This shows that they are the best performers in the world.

On the way, Rosé saw a funny sign. BLACKPINK was singingTo stay” At one of his three concerts in Hong Kong. The sign said a BLACKPINK drink with member BLINK.

When he saw the sign, he laughed loudly and said:Now?Rose He almost missed his part of the song because he was looking for a drink.

Even though he didn’t getdrunk,It certainly made a fun, work-safe keepsake for BLINK this showed his true personality.

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