Barbie Film Director Relives the Shock of the Set Photos Going Viral

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Barbie Director Greta Gerwig shares her reaction when the first footage from the upcoming movie leaked online. Based on Mattel’s eponymous line of dolls Barbie The film has been in development for nearly 15 years, and Anne Hathaway and Amy Schumer will play the lead roles at different times. However, after circulating among a number of directors and writers, Warner Bros. took over the rights Barbie In 2019, he recruited Margot Robbie to play the lead character. Gerwig was later confirmed as director and co-writer with Noah Baumbach in 2021, and Ryan Gosling joined as Ken in 2022. Barbie Thanks to a handful of leaked set photos and footage, viewers got a good look at the costumes in the movie.

Now, talking to Jimmy Fallon Tonight ShowFor the first time, Gerwig remembered his reaction. Barbie Set photos have leaked showing Gosling and Robbie on the beach. Because the movie was shot on closed sets until then, Gerwig hadn’t noticed how eccentric Robbie and Gosling’s characters looked. Barbie. Gerwig was absolutely shocked when the leaked photos leaked onto the internet and drove internet users crazy, and the reaction from fans made him understand how he did it. “incredible” The world of Barbie looked like her. Read what Gerwig had to say below:

“But no, that picture was this, we shot most of the movie in London, and then we went to Los Angeles to shoot and everything was great for us – The actors were so determined. Everyone gave everything they had. They really succeeded. , it’s like a total commitment.And then we realized at that moment, “Oh! We look crazy!” But we didn’t know.”

Despite this, Gerwig stated that the leaked material didn’t bother him at all when asked at the Academy’s Governor’s Awards last month. Instead, he made fun of even more wild looks for Gosling’s Ken. Barbie co-writer/director of the leaked footage “not even close” for “many outstanding views” the characters in Barbie.

While audiences already have a clue that the movie will be a crazy, flamboyant showcase of dazzling costumes, Barbie The actors also exaggerated the unexpected mood of the film. While not much is known about BarbieThe unexpected storytelling of the film, rumors from pre-production times, suggest that the film is a sharply satirical feminist comedy with an overarching theme about embracing one’s flaws and imperfections.

Gerwig’s reaction shows off second-by-second Robbie’s reaction, who had mentioned the shooting earlier. Barbie a “mad” experience. The experience probably reflects the enthusiasm around the movie – it wasn’t long before the set photos and videos were faked and turned into the viral memes that continue to circulate online. Although there are doubters BarbieThe leaked footage helped the film gain notoriety in certain corners of the internet, and this will be crucial to the film’s success. However, the conversations around Barbie and its exaggeration will have commercial ramifications, but it will become clear when the movie hits theaters next year when it comes face-to-face with Christopher Nolan’s star-studded historical drama. Oppenheimer.

Source: The Tonight Show