Anjali Arora didn’t stop even after MMS Leak, made bo*ld video wearing just coat

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Anjali Arora Bo*ld Video: Actress Anjali Arora, who worked on the ‘Lock Up’ drama, is very popular on social media and has a huge fan base on Instagram. Please tell Anjali Arord is also featured in the music video for the viral song ‘Kachha Badam’.

Apart from all these, Anjali is also remembered with a mistake. In fact, some time ago, Anjali Arora’s name was associated with an MMS leak as it was also infamous. Despite this, the actress continues to share photos and videos with many outfits on Instagram. Anjali recently posted a very bold video and seeing which people were saying ‘Anjali didn’t move even after the MMS leak..’

Anjali Arora made a very brave video wearing just a jacket

Let us inform you that Anjali Arora has posted a bold video on Instagram. Anjali doesn’t wear many clothes in this video; She tried to cover her body with a single coat. Anjali’s style and actions in this bold video are amazing. In front of the camera, Haseena has found someone else to unbutton this jacket and remind her that she’s not wearing anything underneath.

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This beauty didn’t stop after the MMS Leak either!

In this video, Anjali sometimes holds her hand next to her chest where her cleavage is visible, and sometimes she holds her hand from below, in an inappropriate place. Many people who have seen this bold video say that Anjali has not learned anything from her experience with MMS leaks and still shares such bold content. At the same time, many people liked Anjali’s fiery style.