Anandha Basu, AP Gurukul School principal, was suspended following viral YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter videos

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These days, a viral video of a school principal is making headlines after being uploaded by a student. According to reports, the principal was filmed engaging in deplorable behavior in his cabin when he allegedly had an affair with a member of staff and a teacher and allegedly assaulted and abused others.

State education authorities are now handling the situation after the principal’s video quickly went viral on social media. The principal is mocked in this video, which is also shared on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Keep checking back as we go into more detail on this southern affair.

AP Gurukul School Principal Anandha Basu viral video

According to reports, the school principal has a relationship with one of the staff and has verbally and physically abused students and teachers at the school. This account comes from a small school in Andhra Pradesh where a pupil filmed the principal’s outrageous and dishonorable behavior and posted it online.

The principal was accused of abusing and assaulting students twice by the students, and there is no evidence online. The students had already complained about this to the local police department.

AP Gurukul Anandha Basu School Principal Viral Video

The incident sparked intense outrage among locals and according to a report, the manager also loses his job. Talking about the incident, happened at an Urdu boarding school in Masulipattinam village of Krishan district of PA state, and the headmistress was Anandha Basu, who was 48 at the time.

The school’s principal, Basu, had a brief moment with the school’s computer operator in the principal’s office because he had started an affair with her. According to another report, the principal used to share intimate moments with a number of teachers in the dormitories where the students lived.