Amanda Bynes Roaming In The Street naked

Amanda Bynes Street Video Twitter


Amanda Bynes Street Video Twitter; There is a viral video of actress amanda bynes roaming nak3d in the street of LA leaked on twitter, reddit, youtube and other streaming platforms.

After being discovered wandering the streets nak3d and alone, Amanda Bynes was given a mental detention. TMZ has discovered.

Bynes was reportedly observed roaming around downtown Los Angeles early on Sunday morning without any clothes on, according to an eyewitness. According to reports, Bynes flagged a car down and informed the driver that she was recovering from a mental episode. Then Amanda made her own 911 call.

Amanda Bynes Roaming In The Street nak3d

Amanda Bynes Roaming In The Street nak3d

According to our law enforcement sources, a mental health team at a nearby police station decided that Bynes ought to be placed on a 5150 psych hold after she was taken there.

Fortunately, according to our sources, Bynes did not appear to have suffered any injuries during the incident, however considering the location of where she was discovered, things could have been much worse.

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According to a close friend of Amanda’s, she is currently hospitalized and will probably be there for a few days. A psychiatric hold typically only lasts 72 hours, but it can be prolonged.

When Amanda’s nine-year conservatorship was formally ended, it had been almost exactly one year to the day. Since 2013, when it became apparent that Amanda was suffering mental health problems—she was given a bipolar illness diagnosis—her mother has served as her conservator.

She was admitted to a mental hospital for treatment after a string of weird events, one of which saw her set fire to her neighbor’s driveway and nearly engulf her dog in flames.

It’s interesting to note that Amanda had planned to attend 90s Con in Connecticut this weekend, but she had to postpone going because of her illness.

Although the most recent event is obviously very alarming, Amanda had appeared to be doing well for herself since the conservatorship ended. It is unknown whether her parents or legal team will step in.