Allegedly Ex-SAPM Shahzad Akbar Viral Video on Social Media

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Shahzad Akbar, Sofia Mirza, and the former DG FIA are being pursued by the Islamabad police. Since Bashir Memon, the former chief executive of the FIA, and Shahzad Akbar have been close friends, Shahzad Akbar has used his influence as one of the most powerful ministers in Imran Khan’s government to attack Umar Farooq and use FIA ​​resources to bring him down.

PTI leader Shahzad Akbar, Sofia Mirza, and former FIA CEO Sanaullah Abbasi are the targets of a case filed under laws against fraud, falsifying records, fabricating warrants, and other offenses. To gain custody of Sofia Mirza’s twin daughters from Umar, Shahzad Akbar pressured Umar Farooq, her lover’s ex-husband.

Allegedly Ex-SAPM Shahzad Akbar Viral Video on Social Media

Shahzad Akbar, who was detained at the PTI and had s*x with model Sofia Mirza, filed an unauthorized complaint against the model’s husband and blackmailed him, like Imran Niazi, who celebrates his own rallies of color in divorcing people’s wives.

Sophia Mirza, a well-known model, has been charged with forgery, conspiracy, and unlawful use of authority. With his authority, this Shahzad Akbar brought fictitious charges against the husband of Sofia Mirza. Before approving the summary presented by Shahzad Akbar, the cabinet did not ask any questions.