Alisha Khadgi Kanda and Rajkumar Thapa’s viral video on Twitter

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YouTubers and online influencers produce a ton of stuff. Although there are many producers of internet content, only one of them manages to achieve fame, similar to the number of people who become famous as a result of bad publicity or perhaps because of the negative attention they received.

A large audience tunes in because of the content. Alisha Khadgi attracts a large audience to her online content. Keep reading till the very end as we have discussed the details of this internet controversy and one or more other content creators who are also becoming well-known online. Alisha is currently trending on the internet following the recent controversy she has been embroiled in.

Alisha Khadgi Kanda and Rajkumar Thapa’s viral video on Twitter

Moreover, it made her a celebrity. Her recent bike trip went well, but after a video of her emerged, a lawsuit was filed against her. The video had never been a problem before, but over time it began to draw both praise and condemnation from various people. Alisha, a content producer who collaborates with Rajkumar Thapa Magar on the web, creates content.

After the controversial video gained popularity online, the content creator and Thapa questioned her online. Alisha is from Kathmandu, and she is constantly questioned by strangers about her race and culture. She also shares different perspectives on her community and culture.