Actress Reacted to Inbanithi Stalin Viral Photo

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Since Wednesday evening, a collage image of Inbanithi Stalin, son of MP for Chepauk and Sports Minister Udhayanithi Stalin, posing for photos with a girl has been doing the rounds on social media.

Since the photo was leaked, various reactions have been posted on various internet forums. While some people insisted it was a post that Inbanithi himself posted on his Instagram account, others claimed the footage was actually taken during a rehearsal. of a university cultural program.

Take a look at some of the answers below:

The personal life of Inbanidhi is none of our business. இன்பநிதியின் தனிப்பட்ட வாழ்க்கையோ, அல்லது அது சார்ந்த புகைப்படங்களையோ வைத்து அவரை விமர்சிப்பது நாகரிகம் இல்லை.
His privacy needs to be respected.

Ippa #inbanidhi antha ponnu kuta irukarathu la ivanungaluku ena prachana nu theriyalaye…🤔
Athu Avan life Avanoda istam Avan enamo panran ungalukku ena da erichal*** ?
Sangi koottam la konjam saathitu irunga da..#BJP

In response to the images, actress and dance choreographer Gayathri Raguramm, who was recently fired from the Tamilnadu BJP party, commented. She attributed responsibility for the leaked photos to BJP leader Annamalai and members of his party. They destroy the girl’s future, according to Gayathri.

“At this point, Annamalai team exposed pictures of Inbanithi and disparaged the pet girl. Under Annamalai’s guidance, how can women feel safe. Gayathri said, “Annamalai is known for leaking adult videos and audios, and she continued, “Personal attack is disgusting. Annamalai should launch a political attack on someone.